Maintenance tips

All Possery products are made from carefully selected materials by experienced artisans.

Each garment made from this leather has the particularity of being manufactured according to traditional principles in order to highlight the characteristics of natural leather such as its texture, contrasting shades and slight imperfections of the grain.

The other characteristics of leather, such as its vulnerability to scratches, color retention, or even the lightening that can appear where tensions are the greatest, must be considered as qualities and not defects.

These are characteristics specific to leather.

We advise you to protect your item from rain. If the leather becomes wet, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth.

This delicate leather has not undergone any water-repellent treatment. If a slight white patina appears, wipe the leather with a soft dry cloth.

Ironing your leather is done by placing a cloth between your leather and the soleplate of the iron.

Enjoy your item and fully appreciate its qualities, it will become unique to you.