POSSERY was first born from Esther Torres' love for this noble material. A sensitivity for clothing that the designer inherited from her mother, an accomplished seamstress. Convinced that beautiful things remain and are passed on, Esther knew how to cultivate this idea. Today, POSSERY embodies a bold stylistic renewal that combines respect for traditions, creativity and modernity. Demanding sourcing, quality and know-how of artisans reinforce the maturity of the young brand.

The magic of POSSERY operates thanks to exceptional skins and leathers coming from historic partnerships established with European tanneries by its parent company (founded at Carreau du Temple in 1989, the historic cradle of leather).

These skins scrupulously comply with European legislation and its traceability requirements. Fashion offers a second chance to these noble natural materials, surplus from the food industry. Recycled, they acquire a new life full of promise. To promote the entirety of the material, POSSERY recycles its leather scraps into fun accessories.


In the heart of Paris, the POSSERY workshops perpetuate French know-how. The brand's logo is a tribute to the artisan gesture: the shape of the R and the cut of the Y recall the tool and the gesture of the cutter.
Let's enter the workshop. Each craftsman masters one aspect of manufacturing. From cutting to sewing, their love of leather is palpable. A demanding material, leather dictates how to tame its beauty.
Before we curl up in it, each POSSERY garment passes through the skillful hands of the cutter who selects and positions each skin, checks the grain and quality of the leather to harmonize reflections and shades before sliding his blade. Each exterior piece requires an average of five skins, with expertly matched inserts.
The skins are then assembled with a requirement specific to luxury craftsmanship. Finishes and reverses bear witness to this know-how, even more uncompromising for the reversible pieces and double-sided coats.